Data Warehousing

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The exponential growth of information in today’s world has led to heterogeneous and unstructured data formats that prevent organizations from effective data usage. Data Warehousing address all these challenges and serves as the foundation for business analytics.

The Agilisium Advantage

With years of experience in building robust data warehousing solutions for the entertainment and consumer retail industries, we ensure 24X7 availability of your data warehouse with fresh and actionable data for your enterprise reporting requirements.

Our DW services include:

  • Day-to-day technical support and performance management of DW and BI systems
  • Expert BI application development and maintenance including report creation and ad-hoc query development
  • Analytical modelling and integration enhancements for new data sources
  • Management of upgrades, backups and patches
  • Remote operation for uninterrupted BI application server availability
  • Data integration and acquisition processing (ETL/ELT)
  • Comprehensive database management services
  • Data warehousing services
  • Reporting and analysis services
  • BI application management
  • Data integration from disparate data sources
  • Data transformation and cleansing
  • Performance optimization

Key Differentiators

  • Proven best practices and patterns for efficient database design
  • Niche expertise in implementing complex, line-of-business applications
  • Highly resourceful offshore BI consulting that guarantees cost-savings

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