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Define your Data Strategy,
Create Competitive Advantage.
A comprehensive data strategy ensures that data is managed and used like an asset.

When accompanied by investments on enterprise data platforms, the outcome is maximum leverage of this asset to achieve business goals.

Data Strategy that is poised to address
Specific Business needs
Generates real Value.

As data stores have grown in size, variety and complexity, it has become all the more important that organizations develop a clear strategy to address data.

A good data strategy is not really about data, rather it’s about what your business wants to achieve, and how data can help you get there. Executing the strategy ensures that all data resources are positioned in such a way that they can be used, shared and moved easily and efficiently.

There are many impacting factors in developing a sensible data strategy, including the organization’s current maturity, operating model, talent and above all, investment potential.

Agilisium’s Data Strategy and Consulting Services can help your organization build a functional data strategy. We have experienced professionals with more than 15 years of consulting experience. We adopt Design-Thinking centered approach, a unique model in consulting – to determine your real business needs, your strengths, pain points and then develop a plan of action for your path towards achieving competitive advantage.

Our Capabilities

Data driven decision making is becoming the new way of managing a business. This requires a clear vision and a well-thought-out plan towards developing the foundation and the essential building blocks.

Data science is a new field and companies with no or limited prior experience in big data and analytics can be exposed to numerous risks.

We are a digital age company focused purely on building data and analytics capabilities for our customers. Our experts have multiple years of experience in developing and executing strategic plans for customers.

We can help with identifying the right technology platform, operating model and bring about a cultural change towards becoming a truly data driven, information centric organization.

Businesses are looking to migrate from legacy to digital data platforms that provides convenience and agility in decision making, at a lower cost than before.

Given the variety of platforms and technology tools and products in the market, businesses need a customized solution architecture, catering to specific business and data needs, yet agile enough to accommodate future changes.

With our in-depth experience in cross platform development and continuous investment in R&D on new platforms, we can help with an unbiased view for your future solution. Our technology consulting includes all aspects of,

  • Current State Capability Assessment and Recommendations
  • Solution Blueprinting and Prototyping
  • Tools Evaluation and Recommendations


Organizations today require a unified information architecture – for information management and analytics, that enables it to leverage all types of data, can address a range of analytics needs, as situations demand, to satisfy business needs.

Agilisium's information architecture is an outcome of implementing architectural best practices across multiple clients, across verticals, over the years. We constantly revisit our architecture to ensure it addresses the complexities of changing technology landscape. In short, we make it simple, sensible and secure.

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Solving SQL/CUBE database to Amazon Redshift Data migration issues thru Robust QA Process
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