Learn how Neogene accelerated its T-cell Therapy journey with ProTrac

T-cell Therapy supply chain performance can be streamlined with Agilisium’s ProTrac solution through the efficient coordination of enrollment, collection, manufacturing, product labelling, shipping and infusion within a single platform.


Cost Reduction in Supply Chain management
Speed to Insights through Unified Data Visualization
Improvement in Hassle-free pipeline management and scheduling
Secure Audit trail of all interactions
Improvement in Time to Market

Client Profile

Neogene Therapeutics is wholly owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca, with operations in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and California, US. Neogene is a global biotechnology company focused on discovering, developing and manufacturing next-generation, transformative TCR therapies targeting neoantigens in solid tumor cancers. AstraZeneca is building a cell therapy portfolio that aims to empower and equip the immune system’s T cells to fight cancer effectively.

Business challenges

Our customer is one of the prominent players when it comes to T-cell therapies targeting neoantigens in solid tumor cancers. However, most of the clinical trial processes, such as like patient enrollment, event scheduling, sample management, assay tracking and manufacturing process tracking are currently managed by research scientists and site operators manually in physical forms and spreadsheets.Reports are then stored in dedicated file storage. Consequently, tracking patient schedules and their respective process statuses were complex as one had to scan through multiple files and folder structures to understand what stage it had actually transpired.

There were also some risks of mismanagement of patients records or sample shipment due to less-digital eco-system of supply chain management. Also, each of the team had separate data collection process and had no possibility of unified data visualization. Due to lack of integrated system, case managers had less opportunities to identify the risks encountered by enrollment, allocation & tracking process.

Agilisium Solution

  • Agilisium built an all-in-one integrated T-cell therapy adaptive clinical trials web application platform with interactive dashboards.
  • Our solution, ProTrac, focuses on all core functions of T-cell therapy journey, that connects from enrollment to collection, manufacturing to product labelling and including shipping to infusion.
  • Our system cuts through all phases of the Clinical process to automatically record all events that happen during a process and provide both a consolidated and detailed report to various stake holders including Case Managers, Clinical Site team members, Manufacturing & operations team and to shipping/courier companies.
  • ProTrac solution offers unified data visualization dashboards with advanced data sharing models that allows users to consume data with different access levels for defined user functions.
  • This application is compatible to different devices and platforms; it works in Windows and macOS-based PCs, laptops, and tablets, and also supports Android tablets.
  • Our application can access the device’s camera to scan barcodes or QR codes; no separate device or scanner required. Also, the application is enabled with Chain of Identity (CoI) identifiers for labeling and scanning thus ensure secure supply chain management.
  • The core processing engine is hosted in AWS Lambda using AWS API Gateway and for highly scalable Data Management we use AWS Postgres RDS and Amazon S3 are utilised for actual Data Storage. For deployment process we use AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline as fully managed CI/CD components. The Web Application UI is hosted on AWS CloudFront.

Tech-stacks Used

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Business outcome

  • Unified T-cell therapy journey gives holistic view of a patient at any given point in time.
  • Secure transaction audit improves transparency, avoiding error-prone clinical trial management.
  • The integrated system and advanced data-to-insights model enable operational capacity planning, resulting in the effective utilization of resources.
  • Our advance automation models help reduce process delays and improve operational efficiency.
  • Enables foundation for improved Data Science models that accelerates data availability and accessibility for all stakeholders.
  • Compatible with different devices and using integrated secured QR codes, it enables accuracy in supply chain management.
  • Eliminates working in silos through unified end-to end data visualization, helps achieve 4X Improvement in Hassle-free pipeline management and scheduling.
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