Facilitating Smart Customer 360 View and Rich Insights via Self-Service Integration Support

Metrics with clear interpret and visualization


Efficient Customer Acquisitions
Effective real time tracking
Cost effective and fully automated
Speed with minimal downtime
Enabled Snaplogic to visualize the usage trends

Client Profile

Snaplogic, a leader in the Gartner’s 2019 Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Magic Quadrant, offers data integration services to cloud-based enterprise applications. With the advent of Saas based systems offering a plethora of customer services, Snaplogic wished to obtain rich insights out of their customers’ general usage trends, and in turn, serve them better with effective sales strategies.

Business challenges

  • Complexities in the Data Structure
  • Limited Visibility to Customer Usage Patterns
  • Lack of Support for effective Customer Tracking and Marketing Campaigns
  • No Proper Reporting System for Insights Generation

Agilisium Solution

  • To address the complexities in the source system, the incoming customer data was stored into Amazon S3 as a data lake layer, a low cost and scalable data storage infrastructure. It functioned as a centralised data repository to build a dedicated analytics platform and carry out the requisite sales analytics.
  • For better customer visibility, a Sales and Product Usage Analytics Engine was built on Amazon S3, to serve as a single source of truth. This Architecture,Design and Implementation activities of this cloud-enabled solution were entirely designed by Agilisium’s in-house experts.
  • For enhanced customer tracking, the analytics engine was integrated with Snowflake data warehouse system. Snowflake is cost-effective and fully-automated, and can seamlessly integrate with Amazon S3 Data Lakes, while operating at lightning speed with minimal downtime hours.
  • To establish an aggregate customer view, a full-fledged reporting layer was created Tableau, which uses graphical representations and customized dashboards. This enabled Snaplogic toisualize and clearly interpret the usage trends of its customers, with proper usage metrics.

Tech-stacks Used

Mongo DB
AWS Cloudwatch
AWS cloudTrails

Business outcome

  • Improved Customer Acquisitions
  • Effective Customer Tracking through Near-Real Time Updates
  • Enhanced Visibility and Better Customer Approach
  • Generation of end Report Views.
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