Enhanced higher transparency of report with integrated Insights

Deeper and wider dive into Insights


Easier tuning of campaign to meet client requirement
Clients experienced higher transparency for their ROI
User-friendly BI dashboards for quick decision-making
Highly secured with IAM
Direct access to QuickSight console from dashboards

Client Profile

Socialhi5 is a digital marketing and advertising agency. They consult with enterprises and leverage insights about the enterprise’s customers and their purchasing behavior from online traffic. These insights help SocialHi5’s clients in creating and evaluating targeted marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Business challenges

  • SocialHi5 predominantly services retail clients, with a mix of online  (e-commerce) and brick & mortar stores. SocialHi5 runs digital marketing  campaigns for these clients and fine tunes the campaigns to match their  campaign expectations.  
  • The campaign outcome reports that were used for understanding the end  customer online behavior was cumbersome and hence SocialHi5 was looking for  cost-effective and user-friendly BI dashboards to fasten the decision-making  process.  
  • Using these reports SocialHi5 analysts could swiftly and effectively analyze the customer behavior and put together a plan of action to improve the campaign performance, thereby providing better value for the client’s money.

Agilisium Solution

  • Agilisium suggested SocialHi5 to embrace Amazon QuickSight for its simplicity, down-to-earth features and low cost.
  • Agilisium approached the solution in two distinct parts:

Devising Hypothesis & Validation:

  • Determining the hypothesis that best answers the specific business needs of SocialHi5’s clients
  • Consolidating required datasets
  • Identifying data analysis required to validate the hypothesis
  • SocialHi5’s requirement for a user-friendly BI dashboard was achieved via:
  • Secure access: User access and authorization governed through Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Ease of importing data: A simple webpage to view, upload or delete files from S3 (web page deployed on EC2), as directly integrating with the existing CRM was ruled out.
  • Variety of visualizations: 3dashboards and 30+ visuals comprising narratives, charts, table content and URL actions enabled custom visualizations for easy consumption.
  • Unified Interface: Users can access dashboards directly from QuickSight console.

Tech-stacks Used

S3 Bucket

Business outcome

  • Easier tuning of campaign to meet client requirement.
  • SocialHi5’s clients experienced higher transparency for their ROI on marketing spend
  • Enhanced reporting facility with Integrated Insights
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