Devops improved the SocialHi5's entire process of updating and automation of Scaling self-service portal

Delivery process scaled via DevOps


TTM was reduced by over 65%
Serverless Web Application Hosting
Overhead expenses were reduced significantly
scaling the self-service portal
Enables exceptional value delivery through DevOps

Client Profile

SocialHi5 is a digital marketing and advertising agency. They consult with enterprises and leverage insights about the enterprise’s customers and their purchasing behavior from online traffic. These insights help SocialHi5’s clients in creating and evaluating targeted marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Business challenges

  • At present, SocialHi5 manually created and emailed reports of campaign performance, SEO optimization, page ranking and other Digital Marketing oriented reports to its clients.
  • This process was cumbersome and did not align with SocialHi5’s plans to be an agile business. Given that SocialHi5 wanted to scaleup its business, it realized that reporting of outcomes had to be done with minimal overhead and settled on a self-service portal solution.
  • Equally crucial to SocialHi5 was that the portal be easy to maintain, scale, and operate.

Agilisium Solution

DevOps Process

As mentioned earlier, SocialHi5 necessitated that the solution offered was easy to maintain, scale, and operate. To that end, Agilisium’s DevOps engineers developed a 2-part DevOps process focusing on

  • CI/CD for web application development
  • Infrastructure Provisioning for maintenance.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD Process)

All application (Web & App Tier) maintenance was articulated via AWS’s Code Pipeline. AWS’s Code Commit, Code Deploy, and Code Build services were invoked to automate the enhancement and maintenance of the self-service portal.

Infrastructure provisioning

All infrastructure was hosted on an exclusive SocialHi5 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), to add an extra layer of confidentiality. AWS CloudFormation templates were used to spin up and maintain a host of AWS services utilized for the self-service portal.

Serverless Web application hosting:

EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, SSM, VPC, NAT Gateway, ALB with Autoscaling. Group, LAMBDA, Certificate Manager, Route53 were some of the services used to get the portal live.


Web Application Firewall (WAF) was used with Cross-site scripting, Geo match, and SQL injection rules to protect from common cyber threats in conjunction with the AWS inspector service.

Monitoring and Logging:

CloudWatch, OpsWorks, Config & Inspector services were also invoked to cover configuration management, logging, and monitoring of the application and infrastructure.

Tech-stacks Used

Aws Elastic Container
AWS Cloudwatch
AWS CloudTrail
AWS – S3
Aws Notification Services
Aws Ops Works

Business outcome

  • SocialHi5’s agility increased as the entire process of updating and scaling the self-service portal was automated, allowing for ease of scaling up.
  • The self-service portal’s Time to Market (TTM) was reduced by over 65% compared to traditional
  • site enhancement and maintenance practices.
  • Overhead expenses were reduced significantly since no manual intervention was required.
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