Data Governance Framework that helped improve 60% Efficiency in Supply-chain Management

Learn how America’s largest food and beverage manufacturing company enabled data discovery to create a unified view across the enterprise.


Efficiency improved in Supply-chain management
Data accuracy in critical master data sets
Month-end financial closing time reduced
Jump in sales & marketing
Improvement in Data Visualization

Client Profile

Bonduelle Fresh Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bonduelle (BON.PA), and home of the ready Pac Bistro brand. The company produces ready-to-use plant-based food products that are grown on 126,000 hectares and marketed in 100 countries, with revenues of €2,855 M.

Business challenges

  • Business processes delayed and affected due to poor quality of critical data assets.
  • No central body to govern and manage business data for data quality, cleansing and monitoring.
  • Lack of accuracy in BI Reporting, which causes delay in new item order and entry process in upstream system.
  • Financial month-end closing was significantly impacted due to data discrepancies between BI and the ERP system.

Agilisium Solution

  • Formed a data governance framework and a Governance council group (Data stewardship Team, Data Governance Owner, Data Governance Council, Execute Board) to manage critical data assets.
  • Created glossary and taxonomy for Product, Customer and Vendor master data.
  • Developed standard operating procedures, templates, and playbook for Data Governance.
  • Resolved data quality issues associated with master data using Data Governance framework.
  • Redesigned and upgraded the BI reports in the current BI environment.
  • Improved accuracy and confidence in BI reporting system among the business users.

Tech-stacks Used

No items found.

Business outcome

  • Significantly improved 60% efficiency in Supply-chain management due to precision insights.
  • Attained 95% data accuracy in critical master data sets – Product, Customer, Vendor, etc.
  • Month-end financial closing schedule improved by 80% through improved business reporting.
  • Overall improvement of accuracy and confidence in BI environment and the overall IT landscape.
Boost Supply-chain efficiency by up to 75% with our Data Governance framework.
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