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AWS Well-Architected Review

Are you achieving your business goals by getting the most out of your Amazon Web Services environment?

You need to have a well-architected system to have a strategic advantage and increase the success rate. Businesses rush into cloud computing due to its advantages over on-site equipment, and you should do so too. It will help you dedicate more time and money to other business-critical processes while you boost your production with cloud operations. To maximize this, you will need a Well-Architected Framework that works to increase your gains from the AWS cloud.

That brings us to the question above. You need to follow a framework that guarantees you success while operating in the AWS cloud. This blog covers all the details you need about AWS WAR and how to use it and effectively reap its benefits. Learn how you can improve its infrastructure and run workloads on the AWS platform with ease.

What is the AWS WAR (Well-Architected Review)?

Amazon defines the Well-Architected Review as a framework that offers users the best practices to equip your organization with high-level guidance on building and maintaining their application in the cloud. Therefore, it provides a detailed systematic approach to cloud architecture. The users can use it to see if they are following recommended practices in the AWS Well-Architected Framework and the areas they may need to boost.

The framework guide is the most extensive collection of all the guidelines needed to stabilize the cloud architecture. Such data included in the framework makes it an essential resource that helps build and run workloads in AWS. There is complete architectural diagramming and the pillar priorities that set the solutions for success.

AWS Well-Architected Reviews use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to provide an assessment and identify recommended remediation, typically for a high-priority workload. AWS recommends conducting a Well-Architected Review every 10-12 months.

What Are the 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

AWS has divided the Well-Architected Framework into five distinct sections or Pillars. Each Pillar is designed to help you tackle a specific aspect of your environment.

  • Operational Excellence:
    Managing, running, and monitoring the systems to ensure continuous improvement and business values.
  • Cost Optimization:
    How you can meet all the IT needs of your business while minimizing costs and avoiding any unnecessary expenses.
  • Performance Efficiency:
    Using IT and all the computing resources to efficiently and effectively meet your company’s needs.
  • Reliability:
    How to meet business and customer demand by reducing foundational failures and ensuring services remain unaffected.
  • Security:
    Protecting the cloud systems and safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of the stored company data.

What Are the Benefits of an AWS WAR?

In our experience, about 80 percent of enterprises adopt the recommendations from Data-driven AWS Well-Architected Review Program.

By conducting the reviews, you focus on the five pillars shown above. The reviews will help you with the following:

  • Stay with the updated changes in the AWS environment
  • Reduce data security risks and achieve superior regulatory compliance.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary expenses that you may need while operating in the cloud
  • It helps to boost the performance of the AWS environment.
  • Enables you to be compliant and have a good security posture
  • Get detailed information on all critical issues and prioritize the solutions you can use to cater to them.

Agilisium has performed many Well-Architected Reviews on behalf of our customers, and we found that 90% of the findings relate to operational excellence, 81% to reliability, and 79% to security, which underscores the importance of ensuring that your AWS Cloud are employing the best-practices.

How to Perform a Data-driven Well-Architected Review Today?

Agilisium is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner associates with nOps, a SaaS based cloud management platform that helps rapid-growth companies build, manage, and operate a well-architected AWS infrastructure that is secure, cost-optimized, reliable, efficient, and operationally excellent. Agilisium and nOps uses unique data-driven approach to accelerate AWS Well-Architected Review with automated discovery of high-risk issues and helps generate fact-based remediations. We offer continuous monitoring with near-instant visibility of infrastructure changes.

Architecture Assessment:

  • Mapping client’s architecture and productivity on the five framework pillars and in-depth Agilisium consulting.
  • AWS Landing Zone architecture validation basis industry-best practices and local, national, international compliance standards as applicable.

Report Generation and Recommendations:

  • Agilisium authorized AWS certified professionals along nOps automation tools, we generate an in-depth report based on our collective findings and help client teams interpret this output into actionable recommendations.
  • This effective way with its automated discovery of well-architected high-risk issues that reduces all the risk you may get by basing on remediation to solve gaps found in the target workload.
  • We provide encrypted reports and detailed recommendations you can use for remediation. Get near-real-time encrypted reports for each of the pillars, with the ability to drill-down to the resource level to support rapid root cause analysis.

Remedial Support:

  • Based on identified high priority workload Agilisium offers customized remediation engagement models. We will prepare and validate procedures for responding to events to minimize their disruption to your workload.
  • Agilisium, in partnership with AWS, is offering a Free Well-Architected Review for qualified customers and you can receive $5,000 in AWS service credits, per critical workload, to remediate your top critical issues.
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