DevOps – a boon for Big Data solutions

In a technology and data driven world, the companies that perform the best are the ones that fully utilise all the latest the tools, resources, and models for thinking available to them. Data driven businesses are highly successful today, and they are best positioned to make the most out of what DevOps can offer. But what is DevOps and why is it so beneficial when coupled with Big Data?


Simply put, DevOps is the term used to refer to the process of bringing together software development and IT operations. The aim of implementing DevOps is to make sure software runs with the least amount of problems possible.

In the past, software development and operations were seen as completely separate teams. With the introduction of DevOps, things are beginning to change. This model of thinking brings the two sides of the coin together. Development and operations teams work together at every step of the process. This helps to ensure that operations run smoothly across the board, from initial software development right through to delivery.

DevOps is proving to be a successful movement in the IT industry, with more business and organisations adopting the approach to improve the way that they work. At the same time, Big Data is experiencing a boom in all sectors. These two aspects are perfectly positioned to work together in all business, so it’s important to understand exactly why.


If your business is already effectively utilising the benefits that Big Data can bring, DevOps is another powerful way you can work to improve your efficiency and the quality of your end products. Extending DevOps into you company’s data warehouse can have the following benefits:

  •   Data/query user support and validation
  •   Performance and resource management of your data warehouse
  •   Database and schema administration

DevOps and Big Data are more than just IT ‘buzzwords’. They can really help to improve the way your company works on a day to day basis, providing better results for everyone.