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Futuristic AI-powered Enterprise BI Chatbots - Now, converse with your Big Data!

Slow-business equals No-business.

Given that “time is money” in the business world, insights that is not presented on time to make a business decision is as good as no insight at all.

Consider a highly competitive environment, where decisions must be made, based on large amounts of data within short time-frames. This universal problem gets trickier with the ever-burgeoning business data and trusting human resources to assist in complex decision-making has not made any significant impact either.

Chatbots – The beginning of an ending!

Chatbots were introduced as an alternative to human interaction, thereby reducing the interaction period and increasing efficiency.

Eliza, the first chatbot developed during the 1960s in the labs of MIT, was indeed the first leap into NLP (Natural Language Processing) bridging human-machine interaction. Then the bot evolved into Parry, another version of Eliza (called Eliza with an attitude). Parry passed the Turing test and introduced to the world the idea that, machines too can think like humans. The evolution has now led to what we call the Artificial Intelligence (AI), with metamorphosing variants like Machine learning, Deep Learning, etc., on one hand, and Eliza-descendants like Siri, Hex, Alexa and Google Home on the other hand. Ending human conversations in the business world, has unofficially begun.

So, how is the enterprise world responding to this new era of chatbots?

PWC reports that, “31% business executives believe ‘virtual personal assistants’ to have the largest impact on their business.

A report from IDC says, “By 2019, 75% of workers whose daily tasks involve the use of enterprise applications will have access to intelligent personal assistants to augment their skills and expertise.”

Sounds promising, but…

Can chatbot really quicken business decisions?

Given the technology advancements can we claim that we’ve reached that space in time, where machines can think, develop insights and respond like humans? Especially in a fast-paced enterprise scenario?

Yes & No.

Yes, because advanced machine learning algorithms have cracked-open higher machine intelligence capabilities like Predictive Analytics, Insight-led analytics and more.

No, because they come with limitations.

Limitations of Enterprise Chatbot applications

Though customer-support chatbots seem to garner fame and fortune in industries like healthcare, ecommerce, banking, telecommunications etc., with their human-like conversational support, truth is, there are limitations to enterprise chatbots that still can’t replace human intervention, namely,

  • Inability to handle open-ended questions that are outside the data pool
  • Restrictions in achieving device & platform agnostics for real-time support
  • Conversational human-like responses to logical queries
  • Limitations to provide live-support in decision-making, using real-time market reports and performance stats

With such boundaries, existent enterprise BI chatbots seem basic and cannot be relied upon for high-level decision making and real-time management support. In meek terms, the enterprise chatbots we have now is more of a personal assistant providing pre-defined responses to queries. But what we really need is an expert analyst to support and speed-up the decision-making process.

Enter the world of AI-powered BI Chatbots, the world where machines with AI can think, process, validate and respond, in a human voice.

Introducing the next-gen Agilisium BI Conversational Bots for businesses.

“By 2029 chatbots will be indistinguishable from humans.”

– Ray Kurzweil, Inventor & Futurist.

Let alone the distant prediction, Agilisium developed such a use case for one of our customers, where the sales and executive leadership team can use the chatbot to review sales performance. Quick access to rich backend sales metrics across a variety of dimensions provides these users with robust data to make informed decisions about where to focus new campaigns and sales operations.

Our team integrated the agent bot on the customers preferred device and mobile endpoints and securely connected the interface to the customer data lake hosted on the AWS Cloud. Once activated, the agent takes questions in a conversation form, processes the request and within seconds, presents deep and insightful responses using a mix of visual, voice and text cues. A bot that serves as a strategic analyst – A bot analyst, with a voice.

* This is only a representative image. It does not include exhaustive list of tools.

Apart from churning charts and crunching numbers, the Agilisium BI Chatbot can voice-over human-like logical responses to:

  • Provide granular sized performance updates & stats, as reports/charts, in real-time speed
  • Intelligently respond to open-ended queries that are out of the data pool
  • Synergize real-time with market feeds, to solve business challenges and generate insight-led reports
  • Share reviews to multiple end-users with vaulted data-security features
  • Instantly generate customized reports during review meetings with refined & relevant information, to speed up decision-making
  • Fetches live updates/feeds and delivers across devices (Mobiles, Tabs, Laptops)

Agilisium’s BI Conversational Bot Features

Bot Features
  • Accelerated Solution Kit for faster time to market using Custom developed fulfilment framework
  • Access from anywhere – Mobile Apps, Alexa and Enterprise Apps such as Slack
  • Rich dynamic visuals (charts) for intuitive analysis
  • Robust Security in-line with Enterprise standards
  • Scalable and fast performance to create a conversational experience
  • Adaptive (personalized) experience
  • Performance analytics on usage and improved accuracy over time

Want to know more? Pilots with a bounded set of questions or database sources are available upon request. We’re here to help!

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“Agilisium architected, designed and delivered an elastically scalable Cloud-based Analytics-ready Big Data solution with AWS S3 Data Lake as the single source of truth”
The client is one of the world’s leading biotechnology company, with presence in 100+ markets globally, was looking for ways to maximize impact of their sales & marketing efforts.

The lack of a single source of truth, quality data and ad hoc manual reporting processes undermined top management’s visibility of integrated insights on sales, sales rep interactions, marketing reach, brand performance, market share, and territory management. Understandably, the client wanted to align information that has hitherto been in silos, to gain a 360-degree product movement view, to optimize sales planning and gain competitive edge.

How We Worked Together

Post a maturity assessment, Agilisium devised and enacted strong governance frameworks at executive, program and operational levels with scheduled check point review meetings, to close current gaps identified in scope management.

Scrum calls twice daily ensured that application owners were apprised about progress made at operational level. While monthly milestone review meetings aligned priorities at program level, the quarterly executive steering committee meeting clearly set the engagement priorities at executive level.

To ensure a smooth transition of new solutions, a 1-week workshop and demo on S3, Redshift and Tableau were given to the client’s business and technical teams.