Big data in 2017 – Top 5 trends

Big data took the business world by storm in 2016 but its influence and capabilities are only set to extend further in the next 12 months. Getting ahead of the curve and being among the first to get on board with the big data trends of 2017 can put you ahead of competitors. Here are our top 5 trends for this year.

Wider adoption of Hadoop

Hadoop is already being used but it’s set to continue growing in 2017. For those that have yet to use the open-source software framework, it allows you to store and process very large data sets – a vital component of the big data revolution.If you have lots of complex data, this software is perfect for indexing your information and recognising patterns with data sets.

Hello to predictive analytics It’s likely you’ve already been using descriptive analytics, which help you understand the past. But the next step is predictive analytics, which can give you data insights you can act on. As more businesses say hello to predictive analytics this year it’s set to help them make more informed decisions about their operations and make more accurate forecasts. The invaluable information predictive analytics can provide means, we expect more businesses to adopt this approach in the coming months.

Greater focus on cloud-based analytics

The uptake of the cloud has been huge in the last couple of years but now cloud analytics means it can be used to provide elements of the data analytics process. It means that in 2017 businesses can carry out their usual intelligence procedures through integrated cloud models, helping them to mine more data and extract useful insights.

Achieving maximum business intelligence with data virtualization

Big data can be complex and technical but the adoption of data virtualization ans the information stored is set to become more accessible, allowing for more business intelligence to be extracted. Data virtualization is the process of managing and manipulating data without needing to know the technical details of it. It’s the next step for utilising the information you collect.

Convergence of IoT, the cloud, big data, and cybersecurity

There have been so many technical advancements that can support business operations in the last couple of years. But in 2017 these will combine to offer businesses even more insights. Big data converging with the internet of things (IoT), the cloud, and cybersecurity, means businesses will be able to gather even more data and use it in new ways by the end of the year.