5 Reasons Why Cloud Migration Fails

Migration to Cloud continues to be a significant trend for a while. Still that doesn’t mean it works right for everyone. A number of roadblocks – from a poor cloud strategy to cultural resistance, can occur during the migration process. An NTT Communication survey found out that 41% of the decision makers thought that “migrating complex apps to the cloud is more trouble than it’s worth”.

Cloud Migration comes with a lot of benefits. To harness them, it’s vital for an organization to understand the migration process. It’s important for companies to look at why migrations succeed – and why they fail, understand the problems/issues and ways to avoid them.

Why Does Cloud Migration Fail?

Failure to ask probing questions

One of the biggest issue is not asking right questions to your cloud provider. They should be able to provide answers on compliance with industry standards and regulations, data storage, security and disaster recover practices.  Doing this exercise will help you avert a lot of simple things that could cause big disasters.

Weak Project Management

Many questions go into planning a cloud migration project. A solid cloud project management plan will have fine-detailing on project scope, tasks and key mile-stone dates. Successful execution of a well-made plan still requires a skilled project manager with experience in change organization, vendor and stakeholder management, documentation, reporting and service delivery. Absence of any or all the above can surely result in mishaps.

Unrealistic Expectations

If you dream that migration to cloud will magically enhance your performance, you may be in for a troubling awakening. Some workloads (like ERP) require much more time for performance-tuning than easily deployable applications (like web and email servers). Identifying wrong workloads for migration or having unrealistic expectations may cause the migration to go awry.

A poorly targeted cloud effort can actually slow down a business and disrupt its operations too. Choosing a right cloud partner can make the difference between success and failure. If you are looking out for one, contact us.