Big Data Analytics

Give your Business the right Foundation
for making Informed Decisions
What differentiates a successful insights business from others?

Its setting up the right Data Foundation.

Establish a robust Data Foundation.
Know your Data.
Know your Customers.

The ability of an organization to understand its customers is not in its ability to build data models, rather it depends on how robust is the Data Collection, Integration and Governance process.

An insights journey starts by understanding the strategic goals that the business wants to achieve. This dictates what data is required to achieve the goal, how data will be collected and from what sources, how it is stored and who can access it and how quickly the systems can react to accommodate future changes along the data chain.

Agilisium’s Big Data Analytics Services are designed to achieve just that, a sensible, scalable and secure data foundation on which we could explore data to generate that insights that addresses business needs.

Our Capabilities

Despite the advancement in Data Integration tools and techniques, organizations today are losing sleep over ideal ways achieve this key step.

As the market needs change, the validity of applications and the data it produces also continuously change. Making sense of data before connecting them appropriately takes a considerable amount of time and resources.

With capabilities and investments in across various Data Integration platforms such as SnapLogic and tested home-grown frameworks, Agilisium helps organizations make sense of this data, accelerate integration and develop a holistic view of the data for further processing.

Organizations today inadvertently are exposed to massive amounts of customer data. While the need for big data is well appreciated, they are rarely exposed to the challenges and complexities that arise over time, causing delays in projects and inability to make sense of the big data investments.

Though there are many cloud vendors in the market who can provide scalable solutions, organizations need specialist skills in taking advantage of those solutions.

Agilisium has built capabilities in consulting, architecting and implementing large scale Data Lake and data warehouse solutions on the cloud.

In partnership with industry-leading cloud vendors Agilisium has helped clients in multiple verticals manage petabyte scale data in the cloud, bringing big data investments to life. The result is a truly sensible, scalable and secure data foundation on which organization can draw insights.

The data governance aspect of building a successful data foundation is the most underrated in organizations. Organizations struggle to balance between opening up data for innovation and risking data misuse.

The sweet spot is in the middle where data democratization and fine-grained data security strike a balance.

Agilisium’s purpose-built, collaborative data governance framework puts people first and democratizes data governance.

It helps to define enterprise-wide data access policies, business and data quality rules, and enables data citizens and data stewards to collaboratively solve data issues.

Data analytics is opening up a world of possibilities for organizations to accurately understand user preferences and provide digital moments that excite customers.

Despite the promise, building analytic skills in organizations is farfetched. Analytical models are continuously evolving and so is the business data, making it incredibly difficult to develop, maintain and renew the models.

Agilisium, along with its partners have made immense investments in building modelling capabilities and enhancing Advanced Analytics & AI skills.

Our Accelerators focused on niche offerings such as – Chatbot, Customer Analytics, Media Analytics – help clients to realize the value through pilots, before expanding to more use cases.

Framework / Architecture

Organizations today require a unified information architecture – for information management and analytics, that enables it to leverage all types of data, can address a range of analytics needs, as situations demand, to satisfy business needs.

Agilisium's information architecture is an outcome of implementing architectural best practices across multiple clients, across verticals, over the years. We constantly revisit our architecture to ensure it addresses the complexities of changing technology landscape.

In short, we make it simple, sensible and secure.

Agilisium Big Data Analytics Framework *

* This is only a representative image. It does not include exhaustive list of tools.

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