Data-driven AWS Well-Architected Review

Agilisium, being an advanced AWS Consulting partner, helps in recommending, implementing, and follows the AWS best practices. AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) is a key that is followed by our cloud architects to build secure, high performing, efficient, and resilient infrastructure for your applications and workloads.


AWS Well architected framework is a collection of best practices across the five pillars (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization) for designing and implementing workloads in the AWS environment.

AWS Well Architected Review (WAR)

AWS has developed the AWS Well Architected Review (WAR) partner program in order to review the existing workload and measure it against the AWS best practices that are followed across the five pillars.

Our Approach

Agilisium follows the below approach in providing the WAR assessment.

Agilisium Advantage

  • Optimize Workloads

    Optimize your workloads to run more effeciently by eliminating risks and implementing best practices

  • Cost savings

    Identify Areas that can help reduce costs and yield better TCO

  • Agilisium Enterprise

    Our consultants hav deep expertise and can help offset knowledge

  • AWS Credits

    Eligible on Closure of HRIs by Agilisium

AWS Well Architected Review
Assessment Offer

The AWS Well Architected Review (WAR) Assessment Offer helps assess your existing AWS workloads against the best practices of the 5 Pillars of Well Architected Framework. The review and assessment will identify potential Business risks, close security gaps, deliver cost savings and help build scale and performance of your workloads on AWS. With the use of nOps tool, the review process is fast enabled with auto discovery of risks and issues.

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