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Dec 28, 2017
Los Angeles

Agilisium among premier contributors to new AWS Serverless Application Repository: Publishes open source data visualization package for chatbots

Agilisium, ranked by Inc. magazine in the Top 150 fastest-growing U.S private companies, today announced that it’s excited to be a premier contributor to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Application Repository, recently launched at AWS re:Invent. Agilisium, in its continuous efforts to enable rapid innovation, has built and published an open source custom package to dynamically render simple-to-sophisticated visualizations for AWS Serverless Lambda-based applications, including chatbot fulfilment services.

About Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing is a loosely-coupled architecture that helps organizations to rapidly build and deploy applications without requiring them to provision, scale and manage underlying servers. It is an event-driven, indefinitely scalable, pay-per-execution architecture where short-lived servers are spun up on demand.

About AWS Serverless Application Repository:

The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a collection of serverless applications published by developers, companies, and collaborators in the serverless community. The Serverless Application Repository enables developers to quickly deploy code samples, components, and applications for common use cases such as web and mobile back-ends, data processing, chatbots, IoT, and more. The AWS Serverless Application Repository launched at AWS:reInvent 2017 and is currently available in Preview.
“It’s an interesting challenge to visualize output in serverless analytics applications that don’t have full control over the client framework or where a standard dashboard won’t cut it” said Mike Limcaco, CTO of Agilisium. He added that “Chatbot kits like Amazon Lex and conversational interfaces like Amazon Echo Show make BI/analytic visualizations an even more interesting challenge – the key reason why Agilisium integrated the popular ChartJS data visualization package for serverless-oriented workflows.”
“Thanks to the contributions of companies like Agilisium, AWS is able to offer a comprehensive collection of customer-focused serverless applications through the AWS Serverless Application Repository. We’re proud to offer an easy way to help developers and companies get started with Agilisium’s products and services so they can deliver innovative data & analytics solutions,” said Tim Wagner, AWSLambda General Manager, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Agilisium is proud to collaborate with AWS and help launch AWS Serverless Application Repository at AWS re:Invent 2017. To find out more about serverless computing model and how your DevOps strategy can benefit, please contact us.

About Agilisium

Agilisium is a digital system integrator delivering innovative big data, analytics, and insights based services on cloud. Implementing design thinking approach, Agilisium helps clients identify unprecedented customer insights, uncover internal/external data that are critical to accelerate decision-making and build robust systems that are critical to succeed in digital transformation. With deep expertise in designing and delivering large scale solutions, from cloud-based EDW to scale-out data lakes to advanced predictive analytics, Agilisium helps clients realize ROI in 12 to 18 months, with a minimum of 30 percent TCO reduction.

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