Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Organizations in the digital economy are invariably faced with the “dark data problem”. While data lakes have enabled speedy and cost-effective storage of all kinds of data, the bulk of data generated is unavailable for analysis. Conventional data analytics solutions manage only the tip of the iceberg, with exabytes of data stored away predominantly untouched in the vast object domain.

With Amazon Redshift Spectrum, you can run Amazon Redshift SQL queries directly against vast amounts of unstructured data in your Amazon S3 data lake, eliminating expensive ETL processes.

With our strong penchant for all things cloud and data, Agilisium brings you best-in-class Redshift Spectrum expertise. Save data wherever and however you want, and pay only for the queries gives you unleashed advantage on your data like never before.

About Mike Limcaco

Mike brings over 25 years of experience in the rapid design, integration, deployment, and operation of sophisticated Web, enterprise IT, and advanced analytic platforms in the cloud and on the prime for a range of customers around the globe. Mike comes to us from Amazon, where he led Solutions Architecture for AWS for the US Enterprise Southwest. He specialized in massively-scaled MPP warehousing, data engineering, batch and streaming analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts utilizing proven tools and techniques (Redshift, EC2, S3, Hadoop/EMR, NoSQL, Athena, AML). Mike is a published engineer (SMPTE, SPIE) and has been a featured speaker at a range of events from Amazon’s annual Developer Symposium re:Invent, Gartner Business Process Management Conference to UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.


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