Amazon Quicksight

Amazon QuickSight
Fast, cloud-powered, economical business intelligence (BI) service

Empower everyone in your organization to make data driven decisions with QuickSight’s industry first pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Data driven
decision making
for everyone.

Data driven decision making is essential throughout an organization. It is no longer prohibitively expensive to ensure access to BI to employees at all levels.

Amazon’s QuickSight lets you create and publish interactive dashboards that can be accessed from browsers or mobile devices. You can embed dashboards into your applications, providing your customers with powerful self-service analytics. It easily scales to tens of thousands of users without any software to install, servers to deploy, or infrastructure to manage.

Now, everyone of your employees can now securely & easily analyze relevant data, collaborate on insights and deliver tremendous value, at one-tenth the cost of comparable platforms.

Solution Features

  • Ease of use

    It renders beautiful visualizations, as bar or line graphs; pie charts and scatter plots; or heat maps and pivot tables, offering smart suggestions for the most appropriate graph type for your data.

  • Deliver instant insights

    Amazon’s proprietary algorithms can harness the power of ML to deliver predictive forecasting, anomaly detection and contribution analysis

  • Embedded analytics

    You can empower your users with self-service analytics by embedding QuickSight visuals securely in your application using seamless authentication and powerful APIs

  • Blazing fast technology

    The in-memory, calculation engine – SPICE -- is optimized for the cloud, dramatically cutting time to analysis.

  • Collaborate on any device

    Access QuickSight from any browser, or from the native iPhone app and securely share rich visualizations that convey key points and conclusions

  • No maintanence, literally

    With QuickSight, there are no servers to provision and manage and no software to install, maintain, or operate.

Our Capabilities

  • Adopt

    • BI Solutions Lab
    • Amazon QuickSight Pilots / POCs
    • Amazon QuickSight Immersion Day
    • BI Tools Strategy & Roadmap
  • Transform

    • BI Migration Program
    • BI Modernization
    • Cloud-native EDW Development
    • BI Report Conversion Utilities
    • Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics Program
  • Optimize

    • BI Cost Optimization with Amazon QuickSight
    • BI Performance Enhancements
    • Performance Enhancements
    • BI Report Enhancements
  • Manage

    • Custom support models to manage existing QuickSight implementations
    • Infra Management
    • Enhancements and Augmentation
    • Security & Compliance Audits
    • Security, Compliance & Auditing
    • Monitoring & Reporting


  • Get started quickly

    Simply log in to QuickSight, connect to a data source and start receiving insights

  • Integrate with everything

    QuickSight easily integrates with your on-site data sources & numerous popular data

  • Scale from 10s to 1000s

    QuickSight’s serverless architecture means that you can scale from 10s to 1000s of users without worrying about infrastructure, usage or speed

  • Pay as you go

    QuickSight’s industry first pay as you go pricing model leads to a 93% reduction in costs compared with other BI platforms


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