Amazon EMR

Migrate from Legacy Hadoop systems
to Amazon EMR by leveraging our tested successive approach


Today, analyzing Big Data goes beyond extracting reports. Insights are drawn, trends are predicted, customer feedback understood all in real-time to help companies stay ahead of their competition. Scaling through massive data sets and dynamically allocating memory for variable load on the servers presents enormous operational challenges. It is much more complicated if companies run on on-premise data platforms like Hadoop.

Therefore, many organizations are migrating their workloads to open source tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Flink, Apache Hudi, and Presto. AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a low cost, elastic and secure a big data platform that supports processing vast amounts of data using such platforms. It can work along with the open source tools to process vast amount of data at no time

Migrations to open-source data platforms can be challenging and might involve huge effort. Agilisium with its proven ability in such migrations can help reduce risk, increase efficiency, and ensures the success of the migration.

Our  EMR Capabilities

  • Adopt

    • Discovery & Assessment
    • Pilots / POCs
    • Gap Analysis
    • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Transform

    • Cloudera Migration
    • Hortonworks Migration
    • Hive / MAP Reduce to Spark on EMR
    • Pig Jobs to Spark on EMR
    • Integrating EMR with AWS Services
    • Data workload transformations using EMR
  • Optimize

    • Presto Scalability on EMR
    • Cost Optimization Strategies
    • Performance Enhancement
  • Manage

    • Troubleshooting of cluster issues
    • CloudWatch integration to watch the health of the pipelines
    • 24/7 Support & Incident Remediation
    • Enhancements & Augmentation
    • Periodic Security & Compliance Audits
    • Monitoring & Reporting

Agilisium Advantage

  • AWS Centricity

    Born in Cloud and earned accreditations across different AWS services with an overall expertise of about 7+ years

  • AWS Recognized Partner

    AWS Service delivery partner for Redshift, EMR and QuickSight Services and Advanced Consulting partner for Data & Analytics competency

  • Trusted Enterprise Partner

    15+ PB data migrated to AWS and managed till date through successful Big Data Analytics Projects

  • Proven

    20+ Assessment & Migration Toolkits to de-risk and accelerate migration of your legacy DBs & EDWs to Amazon Redshift

  • Large Talent

    105+ Certified Big Data Analytics Experts

EMR Architecture

Our Offers

  • Hadoop Migration

    Understand EMR features and how to migrate Hadoop to AWS through a use case

    2 days

  • Detailed Assessment

    Understand the State of your current data platform environment and provide a detailed approach for the desired future state

    3 weeks

  • Assessment + Reference Implementation

    Detailed Assessment and implement one use case to build a strong business case that accelerates adoption

    6 weeks

Migration Guide

How to Optimize Big Data Analytics with Amazon EMR? Migration Guide: Apache Hadoop to Amazon EMR

Success Story

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