AI revolutionizes BI

AI revolutionizes BI
Make faster decisions, with facts that matter

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AI revolutionizes BI

Most Enterprise BI solutions are so complex that business executives are unable to find quick and reliable answers to their ad hoc queries, which drive tactical decisions. Oftentimes, they choose instincts over digging BI reports deeper for insights. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Serverless computing have made it possible to answer ad hoc queries without users having to lift a finger.

Agilisium leverages its expertise in AI, NLU, Serverless Computing, and Data Lake to develop Advanced Conversational Interfaces. These interfaces understand intent from users’ voice commands and deliver sub-second, context-aware insights derived from TB-scale data lakes.

At Agilisium, we develop avant-garde Big Data Analytics solutions for Enterprise clients.

In a conventional method of data-driven decision making, business leaders request for data, which is later analyzed for insights and then decisions are taken.

Data access methods and presentation methods, which are critical element in this process, manifest itself in many ways, namely,

  • A live review of data can be conducted by calling in the data and analyst teams
  • Offline review of the data can be performed by going through a presentation emailed to the leaders
  • Online review can be conducted by logging into an app or website, after viewing and downloading the reports (DIY – Do it yourself for leaders)

In all these techniques, it is true that the data is processed into information in a way that is easy for consumption for the leaders, however accessing the information is done through channels that is either smart or quick, not both.

  • In a website, the link which provides access to the information must be figured out every time or a custom report is required to be built
  • In a live review meeting, the analysis teams must deduce the information while considerable time is lost in waiting
  • Or in a typical presentation, significant effort is involved in going back and forth the slides to fetch details and to make sense of the answers.

Valuable time for decision making is lost in waiting for answers and/or making sense of the data.

Enter Digital Enterprise!  Chatbots or AI enabled virtual assistant are here to provide both smart and fast information processing. The chatbot is integrated with mobile or any other personal device making your information conveniently accessible from anywhere.

Recently Agilisium developed such a use case for one of the customers, where the sales head can use a bot to review sales performance for taking decisions.

Agilisium integrated the agent bot with the virtual assistant of the cell phone. One can talk to the mobile assistant to activate the agent. Once activated, the agent takes questions in a conversation form, processes the request and instantly presents the response in a mix of visual, voice and text.

We have developed this as a standard solution framework in a way that is scalable, secure, efficient and cognitive.

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