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Google BigQuery Pilot Drive

Agilisium’s Google BigQuery Pilot Drive builds a business case for your cloud migration and also identifies the project model best suited for you.

We help you assess the benefits of migration to Google BigQuery, and initiate migration if it is significant. The 6 week engagement to migrate one of your applications is an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of both the product and our process.

Our Test Drive has proven to reduce the program kick-off time by 90% and lower program risks by more than 70%.

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Google BigQuery Pilot Drive Route Map

We partner with you through all the stages of a service lifecycle, beginning with the consolidation and standardization of the infrastructure environment, virtualization, and  re-engineering of applications and conclude with the creation of private clouds.



The network architecture is reviewed to determine the preferred data collection methodology. The appropriate key applications are identified for predictive focus. The service level agreements to be measured against are then defined.



The optimal product deployments for capturing data are identified. The capture agent locations for key predictive data collection, as appropriate, are also identified alongside.



Data collection products are deployed and configured. The data collection is then verified.



The performance data for two to four weeks are collected. The baseline performance reports, dependency maps and risk reports are then generated. Post this, the appropriate key transactional data are collected. An optional step is to perform appropriate predictive analysis for key transactions and generate deliverable reports.



The remediation tasks for applications deemed high risk for migration are identified and suggested.

How Long Does it Take?

It will take 60 days to assess your application to determine if migration to cloud will enhance your business operations. Post this activity, we will migrate the application based on the results of the assessment.

How Much Does it Cost?

The assessment and migration of your application to Google BigQuery, regardless of its size, will require an investment of $30,000. This will demonstrate the benefits of migration and allow you to take a decision based on hard data.

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